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Trail Mix- Rocky Road 100 G

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Monsoon Harvest’s Rocky Road Trail Mix is loaded with roasted nuts, raisins and chocolate, our trail mix is the perfect snack to keep fit.  

Get an instant energy boost with each serving containing  8g plant protein and sufficient dietary fiber, so you can snack anytime without compromising on good health. 

Monsoon Harvest’s Rocky Road Trail Mix is gluten-free. Each serving contains premium, high-quality ingredients with zero fillers. It contains no artificial preservatives making it everyone’s favourite treat.

This Trail Mix with chocolate buttons is a quick, ready-to-eat snack which is perfect to carry when travelling, hiking, pre or post-workout, etc. Great in a snack box filler, an on-the-go breakfast, and a great alternate to breakfast bars, our trail mix is a real healthy treat!

Packed with mega-nutrition, our assorted, small-pack of trail mix is an incredible gift to support good health. It comes in a zippered stand-up pouch to maintain freshness and quality.

• Gluten free • Grain Free • No preservatives
Peanuts, Raisins, Chocolate, Almonds and Salt
This product contains nuts. This product is processed in a facility which handles wheat and soy

Trail Mix- Rocky Road 100 G

PRICE : Rs. 230.00 Rs. 195.00