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Gluten Free Instant Oats 500 g

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These are 100% natural, gluten-free & non-GMO Quick Cooking Oats. These instant oats are ideal for easy breakfast ideas such as a creamy bowl of porridge or satisfying veggie-loaded upma. These creamy quick-cooking oats are highly nutritious, protein-rich, and loaded with fiber its a great option for people looking to aid their weight loss or just get fit.
The Quick Cooking Oats have to be cooked with either water or milk to make a creamy porridge and top with your desired fruit, nuts, and sweetener to make a delicious and wholesome breakfast.

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REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE & CHOLESTEROL: The oat fiber dissolves in water to stabilize blood sugar LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: The go-to oats for diabetic people and those aiming to lose weight
Quick cooking oats
Processed in a facility which handles Nuts, Seeds and Grains containing Gluten

Gluten Free Instant Oats 500 g

PRICE : Rs. 200.00 Rs. 174.00