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Monsoon Harvest Bars: Chocolate Lovers Combo Pack of 2 (Packs of 6)

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This variety pack contains 1 pack of our Nuts & Seeds Bars- Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt and 1 pack of our Crunchy Baked Millet Granola Bars- Dark Chocolate & Espresso. This variety pack is great for whenever you have a chocolate craving or need a mid-day pick me up. 
100% ALL NATURAL. This variety pack is free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives.

Nuts & Seeds Bar- 

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt: Nuts & Seeds (Almonds, Cashews, Green Pumpkin Seeds and Flax Seeds), Dietary Fiber (Fructooligosaccharides), Dark compound chocolate, Rice Crispies, Palm Kernel Oil, Sea Salt and Natural Mixed Tocopherol. Crunchy Granola Bars- 

Dark Chocolate & Espresso: Rolled oats, Almonds, Palm sugar syrup, Cranberries, Sunflower oil, Ragi (Finger Millet) flakes, Bajra (Pearl Millet) flakes, Honey, Sesame seeds, Flax seeds, Vanilla, Cinnamon powder & salt.

These prodcuts contain dairy, nuts & seeds. These prodcuts are processed in a plant that handles wheat, sesame, soy, nuts and dairy