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Monsoon Harvest: Assorted Best Sellers (Cranberry & Almond Muesli, Banana Cereal, Garlic Crackers, Cranberry Granola Bars ,Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Nut Bars)

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Everyone in the family has different tastes, and this best sellers pack
covers all your bases. This variety pack contains Monsoon Harvest's all-time customer's favourites such as

  • Cranberry & Almond Toasted Millet Muesli
  • Clusters & Flakes Breakfast Cereal- Chocochip Oat Clusters with Ragi Flakes & Banana
  • Buttermilk & Millet Crackers- Roasted Garlic
  • Baked Millet Granola Bars- Cranberry & Orange
  • Nuts & Seeds Bars- Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 
It also makes a great gift box idea. 


100% ALL NATURAL. This variety pack is free of artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives. Made with freeze dried fruit: Research has shown that freeze dried fruits hold up to 90% of their original nutritional content. This means you can still get your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients without having to always have fresh fruit on hand. Freeze drying is the most natural way to preserve fruit without adding any additional oil, sugars or any preservatives.

Toasted Millet Muesli- Cranberry & Almond: Rolled oats, Almonds, Palm sugar syrup, Cranberries, Sunflower oil, Ragi (Finger Millet) flakes, Bajra (Pearl Millet) flakes, Honey, Sesame seeds, Flax seeds, Vanilla, Cinnamon powder & salt. 


Clusters & Flakes Breakfast Cereal - Chocochip Oat Clusters with Ragi Flakes and Banana: Ragi, Oats, Palm Jaggery, Sunflower Oil, Flax Seed, Jowar, Rice, Choco chips, Freeze Dried Banana, Salt & Natural Mixed Tocopherols (E307b). 


Buttermilk & Millet Crackers- Roasted Garlic: Whole wheat flour, Barnyard millet flour, Kodo millet flour, Foxtail millet flour, Finger millet flour, Small millet flour, Almond meal, Butter, Yogurt, Milk, Garlic powder, Roasted garlic flakes. 


Nuts & Seeds Bar- Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt: Nuts & Seeds (Almonds, Cashews, Green Pumpkin Seeds and Flax Seeds), Dietary Fiber (Fructooligosaccharides), Dark compound chocolate, Rice Crispies, Palm Kernel Oil, Sea Salt and Natural Mixed Tocopherol. 


Crunchy Granola Bars- Cranberry & Orange: Rolled Oats, Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Dietary Fiber (Fructooligosaccharides), Cranberry, Mixed Millet Flour, Orange oil, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Sodium bi Carbonate and Natural Mixed Tocopherols.

These products contain dairy, wheat, nuts & seeds. These products are processed in a plant that handles wheat, sesame, soy, nuts and dairy