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High Fiber Breakfast Cereal - Ragi Flakes With Raisins (400g)

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Breakfast made easy with Monsoon Harvest’s Ragi cereal with raisins. This crunchy, heart healthy, no added sugar cereal is a perfect way to start your day. This cereal is vegan and gluten friendly. The ragi flakes are baked to crunchy perfection and the black raisins delicately sweeten every bite. Made with Whole Grains such as Whole Ragi, Rice and Jowar: with less than 1% total fat, 17% of dietary fiber, and 7% of protein this is a nourishing cereal to any start the day. This cereal can be enjoyed with some cold dairy or nut milk of your choice. 

This box contains a zip seal pack of High Fiber Cereal – Ragi Flakes with Raisins (net weight - 400 g)

The cereal box is beautifully illustrated, inspired by  the goodness of nature and wholesome produce

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High Fiber Breakfast Cereal - Ragi Flakes With Raisins (400g)

PRICE : Rs. 290.00 Rs. 240.00