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Great Eatables!
This product is fresher and best available in India.There is no other choice and I hope they will keep the quality in long run! It has best quality grains and nuts...
This product will soon be talk of the show.I would like to order more.Great for health and weight conscious and those who are recovering from sickness.The cost seems little high because this is NOT Potato chip !
Great product.. Thank you !
- Nara, Siluguri
Great Way to Start Your Day
This is Healthy and Wonderful Muesli,Available in the market now
Monsoon Harvest is Healthy & delicious muesli, available in the market now. Tastes very fresh and crisp! Great as muesli or can just be eaten as a snack. priced reasonably. There's a generous amount of Almonds and cranberries in them, giving it great taste.
- Pal Ram,Tamilnadu
Right way to Breakfast
It is a very good healthy stuff for breakfast. It has nice flavor. Very easy to use. It has excellent effect on the digestive system and health. All the best for your further endeavor.
-Shiv Charan Singh Rathor
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