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Crunchy Muesli- Assorted Flavours Pack 2 x 200g

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Start your day with the goodness of our crunchy muesli, which is high in fiber and protein, making it a healthy and delicious breakfast. Our gluten-free muesli is best paired with any cold milk/yoghurt of your choice and is enjoyed by the whole family!

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Gluten free, all natural, high fiber, no white sugar, zero preservatives, millet based.
Oats, Brown Rice Flakes, Millet flakes, seeds, cranberries, raisins, jaggery, Sunflower oil, Honey, Pearl Flakes, cinnamon.

Crunchy Muesli- Assorted Flavours Pack 2 x 200g

PRICE : Rs. 370.00 Rs. 248.00