Health Benefits of Almonds & Nutrition Values

Monsoon Harvest Team
04 Nov , 2022

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Almonds are all over the advertisements, right? Whether it is a hair oil advertisement or milk, or even breakfast cereals, almonds are everywhere. This is because of the several benefits of almonds that they are used in many things. The woody texture of almonds makes them stand out in the nuts family. This can be offered to people of all age groups. 

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9 Health Benefits of Almonds

  • Helps In Weight Loss
  • Almonds Reduces Hunger
  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels
  • Controls Blood Pressure
  • Manages Blood Sugar Levels
  • Enriched With Vitamin E
  • Powerhouse of antioxidants
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Almonds Improves Eyes Health

  • Let us now shed light on some of the benefits of eating almonds which are mentioned herein below:

    1. Helps In Weight Loss

    The idea of almonds for weight loss is nothing new to us. Nuts come with a heap of nutrients that are not easy for our bodies to digest. Around 10%-15% of calories in nuts are not absorbed by our body. This, as a result, slightly improves the metabolism.  Since nuts have satiating properties, you can shed kilos by having them. The best time to have almonds is early in the morning or you can mix it up with your choice of millet muesli. You can soak almonds overnight and let them be the first thing that you eat in the morning. 

    2. Almonds Reduces Hunger

    Almonds are rich in protein and fiber, and low in carbs. Therefore, even if you eat a handful of almonds, you will start feeling fuller. This will help you to keep yourself away from eating a lot of calories. Even if you eat 43 grams of almonds, your hunger will be reduced for a longer time. So, whether you are trying hard to lose weight or maintaining portion size, keep almonds at home and have them whenever you feel hungry.

    3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

    One of the health benefits of almonds is that it helps in lowering cholesterol levels. The presence of LDL lipoproteins in the blood can lead to heart diseases. And when you have been diagnosed with higher LDL lipoproteins in your blood, you are supposed to make changes in your diet. As you start making changes, make sure you add almonds. These nuts help in reducing the LDL lipoproteins and you can save yourself from a fatal heart attack.

    4. Controls Blood Pressure

    As almonds nutrition level is concerned, it has magnesium which helps in regulating blood pressure levels. As a matter of fact, those with high blood pressure can have almonds as they will help in lowering blood pressure levels. Apart from this, if you have a deficiency of magnesium, you can add almonds to the bowl of rolled oats.

    5. Manages Blood Sugar Levels

    The other nutritional value of almonds is high fiber, fats, and protein, while this nut is low in carbs. This makes it an ideal option for people with diabetes. Also, the magnesium in it helps in regulating the blood sugar level in the body. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you can start eating almonds on regular basis. 

    Healthy Super Foods Options

    6. Enriched With Vitamin E

    If you are wondering about vitamins in almonds, you would be glad to know that it is rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin belongs to the fat-soluble anti-oxidants. These oxidants build up in our cell membranes and protect the cells from any oxidative damage. Therefore, people who have been diagnosed with heart-related diseases or Alzheimer’s disease can go for almonds without a doubt.

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    7. Powerhouse of antioxidants

    Almonds are known for having loads of antioxidants. And antioxidants help in fighting stress, aging, and many diseases. Therefore, one of the benefits of almond nuts is that it is high in antioxidants.  As a result of this, regular consumption of this can help you fight several ailments, aging, and even stress.

    8. Strengthens Bones

    Almonds contain phosphorus and calcium, which helps in strengthening the bones. Therefore, the chance of bone fracture reduces. 

    9. Almonds Improves Eyes Health

    One of the advantages of almonds is that it is good for eyesight. The Vitamin E in almonds helps in keeping the eyesight in good shape.

    While almonds come with a lot of benefits for health, you must not eat a lot of them every single day. Not maintaining the portion size while eating almonds can lead to weight gain. Some of the options in which almonds are added and that you can eat on regular basis are gluten free oats, Nut & Seeds Bar - Cranberry & Almond, Mixed Nuts, Berries & Seeds, High Fiber Breakfast Cereals - Multigrain Flakes With Raisins & Roasted Almonds, etc.

     Almonds Nutritional Benefits

    Serving Size 

    1 Ounce (28 grams)




    6 grams


    6 grams

    Dietary Fiber

    3 grams


    13 grams


    1 grams


    The other nutrients that almonds have are Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Manganese, and Magnesium.

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    Healthy Super Foods Options

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many almonds can I eat in a day?
    Ans: You should eat a maximum of 20-25 almonds per day. Eating more than that can lead to weight gain.

    2. What happens if we eat almonds daily?
    Ans: Eating almonds daily can result in various health benefits. However, you must maintain the portion size, which is not more than 3 almonds each day.

    3. Can I eat 10 almonds a day?
    Ans: When you eat 10 almonds a day, you get lots of nutrients from them such as protein, healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E. It can also help you in weight loss.

    4. What is the best time to eat almonds for weight gain?
    Ans: The best time to eat almonds is early in the morning, right after you wake up.

    5. Does eating almonds increase weight?
    Ans:  Yes, consuming almonds a lot in quantity can lead to an increase in weight. While having almonds, you need to ensure of not eating too many of them.

    6. Are almonds good for weight loss?
    Ans: Yes, almonds help in weight loss. Since almonds are rich in protein and fiber, they help in weight loss.

    Healthy Super Foods Options

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