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Our Toasted Millet Muesli uses whole grain oats, ragi and bajra flakes with an array of seeds and nuts and is toasted to perfection using palm jaggery. Its free of wheat, corn and soy. There are no artificial ingredients or flavorings.  Our Muesli is available in 4 unique flavour pairings- 

-Cranberry and Almond

-Roasted Cacao Bean with Raisin

-Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel

-Fig and Honey with Salted Pistachios

Clusters & Flakes Breakfast Cereal

Monsoon Harvest’s Clusters & Flakes Breakfast Cereal is a wholesome breakfast with a twist. It combines the right amount of ragi or multigrain flakes paired with crunchy oat & flax seed clusters and topped with high quality freeze dried fruit. Freeze drying fruit is the best way to preserve taste, colour and nutrients.


Freshly churned buttermilk and almond meal are added with ancient millets – kodo, finger, little, barnyard, & foxtail, which is then hand rolled rolled and baked to perfection.Buttermilk & Millet is available in 4 scrumptuos flavours:


-Cracked Black Pepper

-Roasted Garlic

-Caramelised Onion

Started in 2015, Monsoon Harvest was born out of a simple idea of providing contemporary food products using millets. Millets are a very sustainable crop, which is gentle on our soil, on our rivers and grows in harmony.  We strive to provide everyday foods that nurtures, and sustains us and our environment around us.  

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Quick, easy recipes to make eating well during the week an absolute doddle.

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